GTA 5 Tow Truck Locations: Discover All 8 Hidden Locations


Tow trucks are a potentially useful tool for a variety of activities and goals in Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5), which takes place in a massive and ever-changing open world. If you want to earn some extra cash by towing a vehicle or fulfill certain in-game chores, knowing where to find these tow trucks can make your life much simpler. 

GTA 5 Tow Truck Locations: Discover All 8 Hidden Locations

This article will walk you through all eight of the sites in GTA 5 where tow trucks can be found, so that you will be able to find them quickly whenever you require them.

1. Gaining an Understanding of the Significance of Tow Trucks in Grand Theft Auto 5

Before we get into the specific places, let's take a moment to talk about the significance of tow trucks in the Grand Theft Auto 5 universe:

The following are the uses of the Tow Truck in the game: Tow trucks are multipurpose vehicles that can be put to work for a wide variety of reasons. Towing automobiles that have been parked illegally, reclaiming vehicles to sell for a profit, and even completing certain missions and side activities are all popular uses for these vehicles.

The following are some advantages of having your own tow truck: In Grand Theft Auto 5, having financial success can come from owning a tow truck. You can get money by hauling automobiles to impound yards or by helping non-playable characters who have become stuck. In addition, they can be a useful tool for performing particular operations that call for the towing of vehicles.

2. The locations of the Tow Trucks in GTA 5

The following is a list of all eight tow truck locations in Grand Theft Auto 5:

Paletto Bay: is the first location we visit.

A tow truck is typically parked in front of the Paleto Bay Sheriff's Office, which is located in the northern portion of the map.

Cypress Flats: is the second location on our tour.

Proceed to the Los Santos Customs garage in Cypress Flats, which is situated in the southeastern portion of the city. There is a good chance that a tow truck will be parked nearby.

Strawberry: is the third location on the map.

Pay a visit to the tow truck garage in Strawberry, which can be found in the south of the city. There is a tow vehicle at that location.

Location number four is Burton.

To get to the upmarket shopping district in Burton, which is located in the western section of the city, head to Burton. Look around this region for a tow vehicle that might be parked somewhere.

Vespucci Beach is the fifth location on the tour.

Visit the beach known as Vespucci Beach, which is located in the western portion of the city along the coast. A tow truck is positioned close to the location where the beach is located.

The Los Santos International Airport is the sixth location on the tour.

Pay a visit to the Los Santos International Airport, which can be found in the southern portion of the map. There is a good chance that you may see a tow truck parked in this location at some point.

Location number seven, La Puerta

Visit the La Puerta neighborhood, which is found in the southeast portion of the city. Try your luck in looking for a tow truck in the industrial districts.

Location number eight, the Del Perro Pier

Visit the Del Perro Pier, which is located on the western outskirts of the city and is close to the beach. It's possible that there's a tow truck parked nearby.

3. Questions that are asked rather frequently

Q1. Is it possible to modify tow trucks in Grand Theft Auto 5? 

It is unfortunate, but tow trucks in the game cannot be customized or upgraded in the same way that other vehicles can.

The second question is, Can I own multiple tow trucks at the same time?

In Grand Theft Auto 5, a player can only have one tow truck at a time under their ownership.

I was wondering whether there were any specific activities or quests in the game that required tow vehicles.

You will need a tow truck in order to complete certain objectives and take part in certain activities in Grand Theft Auto 5. Having access to one might make accomplishing these responsibilities easier.

In Grand Theft Auto 5, is it possible to sell tow trucks?

Tow trucks, along with the vast majority of other specialized vehicles, are not available for purchase in the game.


The gameplay experience you have in GTA 5 can be considerably improved by learning the locations of tow trucks. This will allow you to do tasks, earn money, and help NPCs who are in need of your assistance.

Make use of this in-depth guide to quickly and easily find all eight tow trucks that are dispersed over Los Santos and the nearby locations. 

You will be well-equipped to take on any towing-related tasks that may arise in the open world of GTA 5 if you make use of the valuable cars that are at your disposal. Best of luck hauling!


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