GTA 5: How to Stop In-Game Recording – A Quick and Easy Guide


Grand Theft Auto V, often known as GTA 5, provides players with a plethora of options, one of which is the opportunity to film their exploits while playing the game. 

GTA 5: How to Stop In-Game Recording

There may be occasions when you wish to cease recording while you are playing the game, despite the fact that this function may be really helpful for documenting great moments and sharing them with friends or communities found online.

 We've got you covered, whether you need to save room in your storage area or keep your privacy intact. In this piece, we will walk you through the process of turning off the in-game recording feature in GTA 5, providing you with detailed instructions along the way.

You need to know how to access the recording feature in order to know how to stop recording while you are playing a game:

In order to access the Interaction Menu: In Grand Theft Auto 5, the Interaction Menu can be accessed by pressing the button that is allotted for it. On a standard keyboard, this action is performed by pressing the letter "M," however on most gaming consoles, the action is performed by pressing the "Options" or "Menu" button.

To access the Recording Option, navigate to the following: To record a conversation, select the "Recording" option from the Interaction Menu. You have influence over a variety of facets of the in-game recording experience via this menu.

2. Putting a Halt on Recording While in-Game

Following are the steps you need to do in order to halt the recording of your gameplay once you have navigated to the Recording menu:

Turning Off the Recording : You will find the "Recording" option within the Recording menu. This option can be set to one of three different states: "On," "Off," or "Auto." To stop recording while you are playing the game, simply select "Off." Any recording that is currently in process will be stopped as soon as this is done.

Modifying the Recording Settings  Within the Recording menu, you also have the option to change the settings for your recordings. Among these are modifying the recording quality, determining the maximum recording length, and selecting the folder in which the recording will be stored. Make the necessary adjustments so that they correspond to your tastes.

3. Questions that are asked rather frequently

If I pause the recording of my gameplay, will any of the previous recordings be overwritten?

No, pausing the recording of the game will not remove any previous recordings you have made. It won't affect anything else, but it will stop the game from capturing any fresh gameplay footage.

After I've paused the recording, is it possible to start it back up again?

You are able to resume recording at any moment by going to the Recording menu and changing the setting back to "On" or "Auto."

After the recording has been stopped, how do I view the gameplay that has been recorded?

A3. You can retrieve the gameplay that you have captured by going to the capture gallery on your console or traveling to the folder that the game was installed in on your own computer. There will be a repository for the recorded footage there.

 Does the gameplay recording in GTA 5 have any restrictions or limitations?

You are correct, there are some restrictions. The game has a limit on the amount of time that may be recorded, and if that limit is reached, the recording will end by itself. Make sure to modify the settings on your recording device appropriately.

Can I record my gameplay with third-party software instead of using the option within the game?

To record your gameplay in Grand Theft Auto 5, you may, in fact, make use of third-party recording tools such as OBS or ShadowPlay. These programs offer more complex recording choices and editing capabilities than other similar tools.


You have complete control over when and what you record when playing GTA 5, as the method to stop in-game recording is rather basic. This gives you the ability to record anything you want while playing the game. If you want to save some space on your hard drive or simply take a break from recording your gameplay, all you have to do is follow the steps explained in this article, and you'll have no trouble turning off the in-game recording feature in Grand Theft Auto 5. I hope you enjoy your time spent gaming!


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