Download Pre-Patched PokeLand Episode 2: Rise of Darkness GBA Rom


Download Pre-Patched PokeLand Episode 2: Here is the latest version of Pre-Patched PokeLand 0, Actually This is the latest Rise of Darkness GBA Rom which is Fully updated with All Features such as Story-oriented gameplay, Minigames, and A mix of Pokemon across many regions, if You Want To Download and use Download Pre-Patched PokeLand for Free on Your Android Smartphone or any other device then Download this GBA Pokeamon.

Download Pre-Patched PokeLand Episode 2

Story Episode 2: Rise of Darkness GBA Rom

On planet Xenos, where only Pokémon reside (like in Mystery Dungeon), 4 orphan teenagers set out to explore their homeworld.
Yet, the planet has to face a strong danger, known as Darkness themselves. But this won't stop Chimchar, Riolu, Piplup & Torchic from helping the inhabitants. Along their journey they'll meet many friends, but also strong opponents.

The game has a rich story to unveal, consisting of strategic battles, Dungeons à la "The Legend of Zelda", Minigames, Sidequests and many things to uncover.


  • Interesting turn-based battles
  • Puzzles & dungeons
  • Sidequests
  • Story-oriented gameplay
  • Minigames
  • A mix of Pokemon across many regions
  • Custom regional forms
  • Playtime: 7-9 hours

Information About Pre-Patched PokeLand

Version: Ep 1 (v2) / Ep 2 (v1.0.1) / Ep 3
Type GBA
Language English
Hack of: FireRed
Updated: September 18, 2023
Creator: Xero3C

Screenshots Pre-Patched PokeLand Rise of Darkness GBA Rom

Download Pre-Patched PokeLand

Download Pre-Patched PokeLand

Download Pre-Patched PokeLand

Download Pre-Patched PokeLand

Download Pre-Patched PokeLand


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