Adobe Lightroom MOD Apk V8.5.0 Download For Android


Lightroom is one of the Most Popular Photo Editing and Color Grading Application for Android Smartphone. Download Lightroom Mod APK 100% Working Premium Unlocked and Edit High-Quality Images along with all Premium Benefits for Free.

Adobe Lightroom MOD Apk

Lightroom Mod APK: is the Love for Photographers, It is Famous for its powerful Color grading abilities. Here on this site You will learn about What is this Tools for, How it Works, and Finally How you can Download the Lightroom Premium App for Free.

If you ask me for a suggestion for the list of best photo editing applications for mobile, then Adobe Lightroom is going to be my first recommendation. It is because of the features provided by Adobe and in this industry, Adobe is the leading brand that has such kinds of marvelous products available for free to use.

It is available for both the Mobile as well as PC and your data is also saved on cloud, so there is no need to worry about the loss of data or the effort done by you. The application provides hundreds of editing tools and features that are very useful in editing pictures that convert a simple picture into a fantastic one.

 This offers dozens of filters, effects, editing elements, and many more useful tools. Almost all professionals use this for color correction as it has more and better options to optimize picture colors. This is a detailed guide on Lightroom which will let you know everything about it.

What Is Lightroom?

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a photo editing application available for mobile and computers in both the premium and free versions. It has powerful tools that can enhance a dull looking picture into a masterpiece. The main purpose behind building this application to minimize the effort of color correction in pictures and do this task precisely in a better way, and it is doing perfectly. On Google Play Store the app has 100M+ downloads with a 4.2-star rating and 11M reviews which is really huge.

After the launch of Lightroom, many other companies came into the market with similar products, they failed to deliver what this app provides. If you are new in photo editing and wants to enhance your skills, then it could be a wonderful application to learn and improve your editing style in a better way and sharpen the task of delivering masterpiece in every picture.

For quick editing it has the facility of Presets in which the effects applied on one picture can be copied to another picture easily, these presets can be made by somebody else or from any of your previously edited pictures, and you can also store your creativity online in the adobe server which will be safe and secure and can be accessed from any device by logging to your account.

Key Highlights

  1. Color Correction
  2. Presets
  3. Store Pictures Online
  4. Exclusive Tools For Photo Editing
  5. In-Built Camera
  6. Amazing Filters & Effects
  7. Export HQ

Why Lightroom Is The Best?

It is because the features provided by Lightroom for free are amazing and not available in many paid software who promise to deliver lots of things. This app has the capability to provide exclusive filters, effects, and more. Lightroom is the all-in-one package of freemium photo editing tool where every small to big tool is available in single tap. Editing becomes easier with the presets offered by content creators and presets made by you.

This has the ability to optimize every part of the image precisely let it changing the perspective ratio, cropping image, applying filters, effects, or storing them into the cloud everything is super convenient and easy to use. The art that you do on mobile phone can also be accessed on computer because it is cloud based software, and first you have to upload the image file to start editing pictures.


The features of this app is a lot that you will forget the number once started to count. Here are some of the highlighted features that you need to know before getting into the application.

Color Correction

If you have ever done photo editing you know very well how important it is to adjust the picture color correctly depending upon the photo, scene, and lightning available and depending upon on many other photo editing factors that make it look pretty. At Lightroom, you get the easiest tool that gives flexibility to adjust any color available in a picture. For every color there are adjustment tools and if any mistake happened it can also be removed easily with the undo button, which is another plus point about this application. If you are not sure about how to properly adjust the colors,’ auto adjustment is another exciting tool for this, by which the app system will automatically change and apply the most suitable color adjustment to the picture. If you are satisfied with the automated result, you can with it or make your own adjustments.

Use Presets

Presets might be a new term for you, but the concept of preset is going on for a long time. Here, preset means premade templates where you can copy the editing done on a picture to another picture. It is just like a pre edited template, in which all you have to do is to replace the earlier elements with the new one. You can either make your own presets or download presets online from various sources provided by many YouTube content creators or ask your friends who have done photo editing, and you can simply import them in the app and copy them from the preset, and then paste it to your picture in which you want to apply those filters, effects, or any other things.

Exclusive Editing Tools

In recent times editing has become very popular and because of such exclusive editing tools the demand has grown very rapidly and many creators are coming out with their amazing creativity that wins our hearts. The developers at Adobe are doing their best and bringing new tools into the market that help a lot in editing and our editing task becomes a bit easier. This app has lots of impressive tools for editing such as Object Remover, Precise Masking, adjusting perspective (Adjust picture angle and dimension of how they must look), Selective Editing (editing selected parts of an image, whatever editing you do will apply only in that part of the image and rest will be as it is). Along with all these, there are even more that make your job even easier and faster.

In-Built Camera

The camera is the most essential thing when it comes to photo editing. However, the default camera of the phone is not that advanced to capture good pictures, whereas the built-in camera of Lightroom gives you more features while clicking the picture. With the Lightroom Camera application, you unlock the next level of Photography by adjusting exposure, applying presets, and more tools to capture photos like professionals. Whatever you do in editing can be used in real-time while capturing the image itself so that you get a clear idea of how the image is going to look once edited properly.

Amazing Filters & Effects

To make a picture look good, almost everyone uses filters and effects, but the filters provided by other apps are not that attractive and fit with every image. That’s why people like me, and turn towards this app which has an amazing filters & effects collection that can be used to edit images and convert a simple image into a beautiful-looking picture in just a few taps. Adobe has a large collection of filters for every moment and picture in category wise. So if you want to make your picture looks pretty you can use these effects and do it in single click.

What Is Lightroom Mod Apk?

Adobe Lightroom Mod APK is not the original version of Lightroom, but a customized version where you will be getting lots of premium items and tools unlocked which have been locked in the free version downloaded from the Google Play Store. Here we have the best modded version for this app in which almost everything has been unlocked for free to use without any purchase and issue.

Mod Info

Premium Unlocked

The premium version comes with lots of features which can’t be found in the free version and to access the premium version we have to get the premium subscription which is a bit costly and not possible for everyone to afford. So in such cases we take the help of Modded version like this which gives us freedom to access all the premium features we need for free. Premium tools like Object Remover, Precise Masking, Adjust Perspective, Selective Editing, have been unlocked by us in this customized APK for free and tried to make it work smoothly on every device.

HQ Image Export

Most of the people edit pictures either for commercial purposes or for uploading on social media to bring engagement among followers, and in this situation quality matters a lot. If the picture quality is better, your followers will like and share it, and there is a chance that the platform on which you have uploaded the image might suggest to others who have common interest in such kind of pictures. At this, you can export your images in the Highest qualities that your pictures looks perfect even while extra zoom on Mobile or Computer.

No Account Login

When you download the free version of the login process is mandatory to proceed, but in this customized version there is no need to worry about account login. This won’t give you the cloud services but yes it will give allow you to use the app even without login and creating account which is a plus point in another way. There are many people who don’t like to share their details such as Phone Number or email ID, so for such people this feature is going to be very much useful.

Modded Details

  • 2500+ Presets Added
  • Premium / Paid features unlocked;
  • Disabled / Removed unwanted Permissions + Receivers + Providers + Services;
  • Optimized and zip aligned graphics and cleaned resources for fast load;
  • Ads Permissions / Services / Providers removed from Android.manifest;
  • Ads links removed and invoke methods nullified;
  • Google Play Store install package check disabled;
  • Debug code removed;
  • Remove default .source tags name of the corresponding java files;
  • Analytics / Crashlytics / Firebase disabled;
  • No active trackers or advertisements;
  • Skip forced login;
  • Crash Reports are disabled by default.

How To Download Latest Version

Downloading the Right Lightroom Mod app is a pretty tough task. There are hundreds of fake sites, that provide you wrong apk file containing malware & viruses. To Download the APK File follow the below steps.
  • Open Chrome(Recommended) Browser.
  • Type in the Address bar.
  • You will land on our website, Click on Download APK.
  • Select the latest version from the Download page.
  • Install it after download.

Our Website is 100% Safe & Secure, as we Upload only Working APK and scan all the files before uploading.

Download Lightroom Mod Apk For Android

Here are the download procedure along with the direct download links to Lightroom mod APK and procedures to install the app properly.

Version 7.1.1
Size 144M
Required Android 6.0 and up
Uploaded by
License Premium
Package com.adobe.lrmobile

How To Install

There might be some issue in installation of this modded version, so our advice is to follow the below steps precisely and perform as it is described in each step.

  1. Download the APK file from download button
  2. Find the Lightroom .apk file from file manager
  3. Enable Unknown Sources (Settings > Security > Unknown Sources)
  4. Try installing the apk file once again
  5. Run the application.
Note: In case if you have already installed the app try to uninstall the original version first of all then install the modded version.

Reviews By Users

Waya Askin:-  I can’t believe what I’ve been missing!! I’ve been a photographer for many years but this app on my phone is the first time I’ve used Lightroom. This app is so extensive and feature-rich you can make even photos taken with a cellphone look like you’ve got the most high-end equipment. I’m seriously blown away! This app has changed my mind from “Nah, I can do without a Creative Cloud subscription” to “Why am I not doing photography full-time?” This one small app has renewed my passion. Thanks!!!

Jess:- The camera is top notch. I always shoot raw on my dslr’s, and I like being able to work with the native files on my phone. The most glaring problem isn’t Adobe ‘s, it’s the Android phone manufacturers’ arrogant refusal to activate the camera 2 api – hence, no raw shooting on most phones and tablets, even flagship models. The api has been around since lollipop! It’s unforgivable that it’s not activated by just about anybody; the (utter lack of) reasoning evades me completely. No, I don’t want a rooted phone, either – that’s a security nightmare just to enable a great feature set that’s been (deliberately?) disabled for some unfathomably idiotic reason!

Derek Oliver The the best editor for phones that I’ve seen I’m professional photographer. It’s quick it’s easy you can save your settings and put it on to the next picture move things along very fast. but if it it is a absolutely stunning and beautiful picture I absolutely take it to a different Editor on the tower computer. but I would say also 80% of the stuff that I do, well I do it on the phone with this editor Adobe Lightroom and you know what? it’s such a good editor.. people pay for it, it’s that good


Here we have reached at the end of this article and at last I would like to say that Lightroom is one of the finest application for photo editing. There are many similar photo editing tools and application are available on the web, but my favorite is Lightroom Mod Apk. I’m sure you also love it a lot to edit adjust your pictures quality.


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